Last summer I solicited 4 builders to bid on finishing my unfinished basement. I had only outline drawings with verbal ideas as to what I wished to be done in each area that would be created. All four builders bid, including McCahon Builders. They were the low bidder but more importantly convinced me by their words that they understood what we wanted done.

We had seen their high quality workmanship standard in a basement that they finished for another family down the street from us and that family highly recommended them. They were given the job and started shortly thereafter, worked on it at a steady pace, and adjusted for minor changes as it progressed. The changes were suggested both by us and by them to improve the outcome. Only when we requested a major change was there any talk of additional cost and that was completely within line for the changes requested. Their "allowances" were generally accurate estimates of the purchased items so no "surprises" occurred.

The job was finished in a completely professional manor. After the floor was laid by a flooring subcontractor, McCahon builders examined the work and said it was unacceptable, made all of the arrangements for a majority of the area to be redone at no additional expense to us and to their and our satisfaction. I certainly would hire them again without hesitation. We are proud of the finished basement and it is all we had hoped it would be.  

Eric & Sigrid Kunz